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Native Instruments- Kontakt Experience (Kontakt)

Автор: volody1977 от 6-03-2011, 13:25
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В 2005 году Native Instruments выпустили Kontakt Experience, первую коллекцию инструментов, специально разработанную для Kontakt 2( с Kontakt 4тоже работает!!!!). Пакет включает 128 новых инструментов всех типов: синтетические лиды, басы, вокальные сэмплы, барабанные наборы, подклады, гитары, различные смешанные ансамбли и т.п. Все инструменты разделены на 10 групп, что позволит более оперативно выбрать нужный. 01 - Performances 02 - Motion & Pads 03 - Vocalized 04 - Harmonized 05 - Guitarized 06 - Exotic 07 - Melodic Loops 08 - Lead & Bass Synths 09 - Arpeggiated 10 - Drumkits & Drumloops..

Производитель: Native Instruments
Формат: nki
Качество: 24 bit Частота 44.1 kHz Каналы stereo

PC: Windows XP, Pentium IV 2 GHz, 1 GB RAM

Kontakt Experience is a progressive sample library that takes a whole new approach to sample programming. It's designed to maximize use of Kontakt 2's powerful features with 128 instruments and 10 script modules. The script modules, such as the arpeggiator, drum machine, and loop designer give you unprecedented flexibility and can be combined with almost any standard Kontakt 2 instrument. The Kontakt Experience will inspire your imagination with its versatility and expressiveness.
Sonic Worlds
Kontakt Experience is the perfect complement to Kontakt 2. This essential expansion pack is far more than just an arbitrary collection of samples. Using the new features of Kontakt 2 like scripting, convolution, surround, and its new filters as well as beat-, tone-, and time-machine, Kontakt Experience reveals a world of creativity that fully exploits the potential within this immensely powerful sampler. This exquisite sample library reproduces the characteristics of some of the most popular contemporary hardware synthesizers and offers a wide range of new scripts, loops, sounds, and drum kits.
Expertly Crafted
Kontakt Experience includes a total of 128 unique instruments divided into 10 categories. All instruments have been expertly crafted by renowned artists and professional sound designers covering a wide range of musical styles. The instruments are structured so that they are all highly intuitive and easy to use. New Kontakt scripts such as the loop designer and the drum computer afford incredible flexibility and inject new life into standard instruments. Specialized vocal sounds, animated drum kits, arpeggiated and modern lead synths as well as intricate construction kits form an inspirational collection of new sounds.
Ten Categories
01 - Performances
Offers musical building blocks that lend themselves particularly well to laying a foundation for a song. Full sets of loops and drum patterns combined with a melodic or harmonic instrument are included.
02 - Motion and Pads
A huge selection of slow ambient pads, based on largely synthetic samples. Heavy use has been made of filtering, modulation, and other effects, resulting in especially lively and dynamic sounds.
03 - Vocalized
As the name suggests, the Vocalized category is dedicated to all things vocal. Such features as the Time and Tone machines come into their own here and produce some unique results.
04 - Harmonized
This Harmonized group of sounds contains instruments like harmonized pianos that make use of scripts such as "easy chord generator" or "constrain to scale". Typical house stabs as well as strummed chords are also included.
05 - Guitarized
Scripts come into play again in the Guitarized category; for example, simulating guitar strings being strummed. The convolution module is also used to layer the impulse responses from specific cabinets over the sound.
06 - Exotic
The Exotic section is an amazing collection of weird and wonderful sounds: strange loops, special effects, and a whole lot more.
07 - Melodic Loops
The Loops and Rhythm section includes a Loop designer script among other things to mangle a sliced loop and features samples that are processed using Kontakt 2's Beat and Time machine features.
08 - Lead and Bass Synths
As the name implies, synthesizer-based lead sounds are on offer here. There is also the option of using the included "solo mode" and "legato" scripts to produce some interesting results.
09 - Arpeggiated
As well as several slightly simpler arpeggiators there are also some fairly intricate constructions that use more than one voice per key or which are harmonized in a special way. Again, some interesting and distinctive results are guaranteed with these instruments.
10 - Drum Kits and Drum Loops
The included drum computer script has been used to program these drum kits, allowing tempo and they like to be altered radically without suffering a loss in quality. Combining these 'pattern instruments' with some chords and the "Poly Step" script will also generate fairly unusual rhythms.
Native Instruments Kontakt Experience: Sample Library for Kontakt 2 Features:
Next generation sample library
128 highly versatile Kontakt 2 instruments
Sophisticated sound design utilizing brand new Kontakt 2 features such as script processing, convolution, new filters, and other sound shaping features
10 different instrument categories
Next generation sample library
128 highly versatile KONTAKT 2 instruments
Sophisticated sound design utilizing brand new KONTAKT 2 features such as script processing, convolution, new filters and other sound shaping features
10 different instrument categories
10 new scripts for the KONTAKT Script Processor
Over 1.3 GB of content
Quick Edit controller assignment on every instrument
Sounds created by professional sound designers and artists
System Requirements
PC: Windows XP, Pentium IV 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM
KONTAKT 2.0.2 or higher and DVD Drive

Размер: 1.34 Gb

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